Custom. Modern. Functional.
We design houses for you to build your home in.

Specializing in true custom homes tailored to meet your vision and needs with both functionality and modern design elements, we design houses for you to build your home in.

Birchwood Custom Homes is a culmination of a love of designing and building beautiful homes and a desire to create a legacy for our families.

We build homes we would live in. Every detail is designed through the lens of everyday life – from week night dinners to holidays and every moment in between – without sacrificing unique and modern design. We want our clients to not only love their home but also love living in it.

Josh Tompkins


Hi, I am Josh Tompkins, the builder for Birchwood Custom Homes. It may sound cliché, but I have loved building since I was a boy and have had a hammer in my hand since I could hold one. My parents had to finally give me my own pieces of lumber to drive nails into so that I would leave their furniture and walls alone. If I couldn’t find something new to build on my own, I was taking apart other things to figure out how they worked just to put them back together again. To say I love building and creating something from the ground up would be a huge understatement.

As I got older, I figured it was just a pipe dream to actually become a builder. Who really gets to become what they dreamed of as a child? I went to college, earned a degree, and realized very quickly that I was not meant to be in an office all day.

My passion in life is to get my hands dirty. To create beauty from nothing. I am not a builder who wants to sit on the sidelines simply overseeing the work. I am a part of every detail all along the way working to make sure it is done right and in a manner that I can truly be proud of.

After spending many years doing what I loved and gaining invaluable experience working for a large well-known homebuilding company, I decided I wanted to create a legacy for my own family. My goal is to not only create a beautiful home for our clients but to make them feel comfortable from a blank slate all the way until we reach the end result. Birchwood is family, and we want to make you feel a part of it.

Dusty Ellis


Hi, I am Dusty Rose Ellis, the designer with Birchwood Custom Homes. Since a very young age, I have enjoyed every aspect of home design and have always had an eye for making things beautiful. As a child, I would very often be found rearranging the living room or bedrooms of our family home just because I knew there was a better look or flow for the room.

Take that desire later into life when I realized not only can I change the flow of a single room, but I can design floorplans that actually create the flow of an entire home. Floorplans have always intrigued me and I love the challenge of getting one “perfect”, where both functionality and design come together seamlessly.

I am a believer that design transforms a home. Whether it be fixtures, wall colors or landscaping, all these elements are what give a home character. As a designer, I pride myself in an attentive attention to detail, a trained eye for quality, and the ability to work with a client to provide a customized product that reflects their interests and lifestyle. I am known for creating polished, functional spaces with a modern, yet timeless design.

It is an understatement to say I love what I do. And even more so, I love knowing we create spaces that welcome many years of memories and special moments and . . . our clients will call HOME.